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Gary Roos, Ph.D.

Gary Roos, Ph.D., has been active in Human Resources consulting at Barrett and Associates, Inc. on a full time or part time basis since 1984. Dr. Roos is a senior Associate who serves as the project manager on selected projects. In addition to his Ph.D., Dr. Roos has also completed an additional undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing management. Dr. Roos recently completed the 2002 Feel the Heat certificate program conducted by the State Fire Marshall of the State of Ohio. Dr. Roos has taught a number of undergraduate statistics courses along with Introduction to Psychology, Human Relations, Group Dynamics, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Dr. Roos has published two articles concerning the internal consistency reliability of personality tests.

Dr. Roos has conducted over 200 job analysis interviews for a variety of jobs ranging from clerical type jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Administrative Secretary, Secretary, Stenographer, and Storekeeper to municipal Police Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain, State Police Officer (Sergeant), Firefighter (various ranks from Firefighter to Fire Chief), Customs Inspector, Production Worker (various types of factory jobs), Engineer (electrical, structural, HVAC, Plumbing & Drainage), etc. As part of the job analysis process, Dr. Roos has written job analysis questionnaires, job descriptions, job specifications, minimum qualifications, KSA documentation, and job postings and has combined jobs into job families.

Dr. Roos has been actively involved in the development, pretesting, and administration of selection and promotional systems such as job knowledge tests, in-basket exercises, oral presentation exercises, oral boards, simulations, structured interviews, role play exercises, physical abilities examinations, personality tests, construct tests, etc., for a number of jobs including Administrative Assistant, Administrative Associate, Administrative Services Technician, Documents Control Technician, Senior Staff Support, Staff Support, Secretary, Customer Service Center Manager, Production Technician, municipal Police Officer, Police Sergeant, Police Lieutenant, Police Captain, Police Major, Police Inspector, Police Chief, State Police Sergeant, State Police Lieutenant, State Police Captain, Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Chief Fire Officer, District Fire Chief, Battalion Fire Chief, Fire Captain, Fire Lieutenant, Fire Engineer, Fire Fighter, Firefighter/Paramedic and EMT, Firefighter/Prevention, Inspector, Customs Inspector, Engineers, and various types of managerial and Production Worker jobs. Dr. Roos is very knowledgeable of the firefighter profession and has written literally thousands of job knowledge questions from many different sources. Dr. Roos also served as an assessor and rater on an oral board tactical exercise for the rank of Fire Captain. Dr. Roos is particularly adept at developing highly defensible content valid job knowledge promotional tests for safety forces jobs. These tests are specific to the jobs in question and utilize equipment, terminology, and procedures and directives that are indigenous to each department. Dr. Roos also defends content valid job knowledge tests and other promotional instruments as part of the civil service appeals process. Dr. Roos has also been involved in writing consultant technical reports and appeals reports. Dr. Roos has also been involved in the development and administration of training seminars on job analysis, structured interviews, oral board assessor training, and test-taking skills.

 Dr. Roos has also been involved in a large scale job evaluation process that examined the pay structure of a public institution for race and sex discrimination.

Dr. Roos has also done litigation support and program/test review for compliance with legal and professional guidelines. As part of litigation support and program/test review, Dr. Roos conducts data analysis and writes reports.