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Barrett & Associates

Experts in Human Resources

Mission Statement

     “To provide efficient and effective custom-developed Human Resource systems and services to public and private organizations including employee selection systems, performance appraisal systems, job evaluation and compensation systems, expert witness services, training and development services, and more.”     


Corporate Profile

Barrett & Associates, Inc. is an international management and organizational consulting firm specializing in the development of selection and human resource management systems.  Barrett & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1973 by Dr. Gerald V. Barrett. Dr. Gerald V. Barrett has been involved in human resource consulting since 1959. 

With over thirty-five years experience working in both public and private organizations, Barrett & Associates, Inc. can supply practical, scientific, and legal expertise for all clients. Barrett & Associates, Inc. develops high utility specialized instruments, programs, and software for all human resource functions, performs statistical analyses for EEO compliance, and can provide expert testimony.


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Barrett & Associates, Inc.

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Corporate Staff

Dr. Gerald V. Barrett
Dr. Gary Roos
Dr. Dennis Doverspike
Dr. Jera Barrett
Mr. Steve Chicatelli
Ms. Lexi Barrett